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Seasonings can enhance your meat's excellent, natural flavor. Nothing compares to flavorful barbecued meat. In fact, 17% of survey participants admitted they typically barbecue several times a week during the summer, according to Statista.

There are a wide variety of seasonings to choose from. Even though there are some fantastic premade seasonings at the store, to really have some fun and get creative with your outdoor cooking, why not...


Charcoal grills are popular as they give the smokey flavor and aroma that other types of barbeque grills cannot always produce. For cooking different types of food in various ways, a pellet grill seems the better option.


Selecting the right firewood for your summer fires is just as important as picking the right wood for your winter fires. Which wood is best for your summer fires? Let us take a look at some different types of wood and their uses.


This article will explain where you can get your propane refills done and the methods from which you can choose.


There are many different flavors and combinations that you can choose from for your BBQ sauce. However, it helps to know some essential recipes for a BBQ sauce to get the most out of your barbecue. Check out 5 BBQ sauces to try this summer.


There are many options when it comes to grills and grilling techniques, including a pellet grill. Here are a few of the benefits that come along with this type of grill.


Who doesn't love a good outdoor BBQ? There's nothing quite like gathering around a grill with friends and family. If you want to make your next BBQ the best one yet, follow these tips and tricks.


Pellet grills have various advantages. Many swear by the taste they provide for the food. In the United States, $1.47 billion worth of grills and barbecues were sold in 2016. This article will break down their benefits.

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When you shop at your local barbecue store for supplies, what are the essentials that you should buy? You may have a grill or smoker and will be looking for products that go with it. Make sure you have all the supplies you need to make your barbecue successful by picking up these essentials.


While these pellet grills are a game-changer in your household, it may take some time for to you become acquainted with them. However, with these tips, you'll be able to get the most out of your new pellet grill. Read on to learn more.


After using a log splitter to split firewood, you need to know the right way to store the wood. There's a great method for storing it.


If you're planning on grilling anytime soon at home, you need more than just the grill itself. Let's take a look at 6 of the most essential BBQ supplies every pellet grill owner needs to keep on hand.

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In the U.S., 63% of grill owners use their grill all year round. With so many brands on the market, choosing the ideal BBQ grill can be overwhelming. You want to invest in equipment that not only gets the job done but is also convenient. This is in terms of cost, fuel type, material, size, mobility, and maintenance. Read on to learn more about the things you should know before making that purchase.

The Cost

Besides setting aside...


Of all the things you need more of in your life, you might not think to include bbq grills or bbq supplies. This could be because you've never experienced the wonders of pellet grills or don't know how easy it is to get propane refills at pretty much any store. But once you've stepped inside a bbq store for the first time, it will quickly become apparent why more bbq in your life can lead to increased happiness.

Friendly employees and...


Whether you're a novice or a master, there's nothing quite like grilling your own food on a nice day. There are certainly lots of people that also agree with you nowadays, as evidence by the wide variety of barbecue supplies that are on the market at any given time.

But when you're grilling, what is the best option? Is it charcoal, firewood, or pellet grills? While all of these have their unique time and place, we'd like to submit that...


With a wide variety of BBQ grills, supplies, and spices to choose from, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.


Another handy thing that often happens at BBQ stores is that they will selectively choose grills and demonstrate them to the general public on the weekends or holidays.


The flavor and taste of your barbeque hang on the sauces that you use. Integration of global markets means that you can access a variety of BBQ hot sauces from BBQ store shelves.


In this brief article, we're going to focus on the benefits of using propane grills. Not simply because propane refills are quick and convenient to do almost anywhere, but because propane has unique qualities that are attractive to many grill aficionados.


Let's go over why pellet grills can end up being some of the best bbq grills to own. Not only are they not as expensive as you think (or you can find them used), but they're also an investment if you love to grill.

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Let's take a look at three tips for choosing a cord of firewood for your next barbecue.

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Learn about the type of BBQ store that grilling pros shop at in order to get the best-quality grills.

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Discover exactly what you should know about the advantages of propane and why getting propane refills is important.

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BBQ can bring everyone together! Learn how to cater all the occasions in your life with the best BBQ you can make.

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Shopping at a bbq supply store means finding all the supplies that you need for your grilling, and discovering some innovative tools that will improve how you grill.

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Humans have enjoyed grilled food for millennia, and the tradition is still popular today. Weekend barbeque parties are common in American homes, with seven in every ten adults owning a BBQ grill. A recent survey shows that 51% of respondents prefer to have a barbeque on their birthdays.

Most people may focus on the centerpiece meat and vegetables, forgetting other ways to bring out the zing in the grilled foods....


According to 2017 survey results, over 49 percent of U.S. consumers barbecue at birthday parties and 24 percent grill during camping trips. You might also be among the many others who love to enjoy barbecue and grilling over the weekend as you hang out with friends and family in your backyard. Whether you are preparing meats such as pork chops, steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, or vegetables and fruits, having a reliable bbq store like Brooksies...


here are several options available when it comes to grilling nowadays. Pellet grills are one of the popular ways of grilling. They are easy to operate with a combination of easy set and go features. Pellet grills are quicker to heat compared to traditional charcoal grills.


America is practically a grilling nation where grilled meat is among the essential delicacies. Apart from the fast-cooking trait of grills, there is an added flavor, especially when firewood is part of the mix. A recent consumer survey has shown that 51% of the respondents believe that birthday parties and barbecues are inseparable.

The demand for this delicacy has seen an upsurge in BBQ stores. Interestingly, the secret behind that...

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Is there anything better than a great meal outdoors that has been prepared by someone that takes grilling seriously? How do some people do BBQ the right way? The right BBQ supplies make the BBQ chef.


If you're new to the grilling game, make sure to keep these tips in mind when caring for your unit.

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Grilled peppers can fit into any kind of meal, really. You could create a decadent meal by stuffing a pepper with cheese and heating it up over the grill.


Before you can start showing off your cooking skills, here are some mistakes to avoid.


For America’s self-proclaimed grill masters, the summer is the most exciting time of the year. This is the chance you get to roll out your pellet grill, grill up some juicy rib eyes and entertain your neighbors.


Does the thought of grilling outdoors evoke positive memories of breezy summer days, delicious food, and fun with family?

Well, it should!

Grilling has become a beloved American pastime. It’s grown so popular throughout the years that an estimated 1.4 billion bbq grills were sold in 2016 alone. One of the reasons bbq grills are so popular? They are a versatile tool and can create foods anyone is bound to love.

You might find...


What you will need

  • Baking Sheets
  • Cooling Rack
  • Water Pan (at least 6 cups of water)
  • Foil
  • Cooking Spray
  • Favorite Cookie Dough or Recipe


Preheat the grill to 325-350; leave your middle burner off.

Place the water pan in the back corner of the grill. The water pan will add moisture to the grill to give you a soft chewy cookie. Line the baking sheets with...


Spectrum of Woods Mild to Strong

  • Alder
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Beech
  • Pecan
  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Mesquite

Whether you just bought a new Weber Smokey Mountain, or you’re a seasoned vet; smoking meats is an art form and has many variables.

When I cook with charcoal and smoking woods I always keep a notebook to record the meat, wood, charcoal, temperature, cook time, and...


There’s an old Smokey Mountain tradition: when you build something, you build it to last. Now there’s a smoke cooker worthy of that timeless tradition. You’ll love what it does to fish, meat and game…season after season, year after year.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Owner’s Manual, 1981

Barbecue has been enjoyed for many years but was mainly enjoyed at your favorite local BBQ restaurant. Weber designed a...


Charcoal may be intimidating but all you need is a minion method to get it working for you.

The minion method is designed for cooking sessions lasting from 6-18 hours and is perfect for overnight cooking. Once setup you won’t need to add any more briquettes, which gives you a more consistent burn and less chance of the cooker running hotter than desired.

The concept is easy to understand and execute:...


Pork Butt/Boston Butt

The Boston Butt is one of my favorite meats to BBQ. The versatile of the meat after its done leaves me with weeks of; pork sandwiches, pork nachos, pork tacos, pork/mac and cheese, and pork and beans, if I kept going I would feel like Bubba from Forest Gump.

Where on the pig is the BUTT?

Answer: it’s the pig’s shoulder. During 1700s in New England...


Flame Boss 100 and 200 Wifi

Let’s just read what is on the back of the package. “Flame Boss 200 controls the smoker temperature, but you are in charge from your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can control your smoker and monitor the internal meat temperature from anywhere.”

“We say about Flame Boss 100 to plug it in, set it and forget it. You will not want to forget it with Flame Boss 200. Your...


One of the greatest things about making burgers is there’s typically a party, celebration, or just a beautiful day. I love the burger because of the different combinations of condiments to put on top from just traditional lettuce, tomato, onion, to the more extreme king crab, quail egg, and/or truffle oil. We will be focusing on how to create the best tasting, juiciest, perfect charred burger because the toppings are up to...


Baby back ribs are like the chicken wings of pork, it’s hard to have just a few. With all the different rubs, sauces and techniques out there I created a smoked baby back rib that will stand up with competition judging. I wanted to keep it simple so I picked a few guidelines I wanted to meet. My key points are to have a nice smoke ring, easy to bite into but with a slight pull of the meat, and no heavy sauce.



Question: What is better than pork?

Answer: Pork on Pork!!!

I love a good pork loin but so many times it tends to dry out and I end up smothering it with gravy. I have found a great solution to a dried out loin and created the “Mac Daddy Pork Loin.” We will be injecting the loin, rubbing the loin, and wrapping the loin.


  • ...

Get Fired Up about Wood Smoke Flavor at Brooksies!

The A-Maze-N smoker tube or tray that can be used in many applications with food. Simple placing you’re A-Maze-N on the grill can give your food a unique smoking flavor which can’t be achieved through artificial liquid smokes. I have even experimented with cold smoking since the heat source is only the embers burning.

Let’s first talk about the two styles there is...