Become a Cooking Expert with Brooksies BBQ Supplies

Looking to become a BBQ expert? There is no better place to start than with tantalizing rubs and sauces from Brooksies Propane, then venturing into smoking woods, and finally spicing things up with an array of hot sauces.

1. Rubs and Sauces: Craft Your Culinary Masterpiece

Start your path to becoming a BBQ expert by crafting your own secret recipe of rubs and sauces, with the plethora of BBQ supplies from Brooksies Propane.

Enhance the flavors of your grilled pork, steak, chicken, veggies, and more, making every bite better than ever. There will be no limits to your creativity with different seasonings to create that perfect bite.

2. Smoking Woods: Infuse Flavor with Every Sear

Make your pick among our ultimate selection of smoking woods. Whether you prefer chips, bags, or log bundles, Brooksies Propane has you covered. From the sweet notes of Apple and Cherry to the robust profiles of Hickory and Mesquite, you can find your perfect wood to enhance your grilling experience. You'll love your newest dishes with the smoky essence only premium woods can provide.

3. Hot Sauces: Spice It Up with a Dash of Heat

For spice enthusiasts, Brooksies Propane offers a wide variety of hot sauces and wing sauces that can’t be found anywhere else. From Mild to Wild, explore every level of heat with popular brands like Marie Sharps, Scorned Women, Da Bomb, Dave’s Insanity, Melinda's, and Ring of Fire.

Unleash the heat, add a kick to your dishes, and find your perfect spice level. You won’t know what your favorite is until you try them all!

This is only the beginning when it comes to upping your grill game for the summer, Brooksies Propane is dedicated to making sure you constantly have the best BBQ supplies in your arsenal so you can be the envy of the neighborhood. Perfecting grilling isn’t easy, but with the right sauces, spices and flavors we hope we can make your journey as easy as possible. If you have any questions about what the best BBQ supplies would be for your specific style and tastes don’t hesitate to contact us.