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3 Tips for Picking the Right BBQ Firewood

Let's take a look at three tips for choosing a cord of firewood for your next barbecue.

Wood smoke is an integral part of fine barbeque, completing the trio with the other two: time and heat. For millennia now, humans have used smoke from wood logs to preserve their food. Nowadays, grilling enthusiasts look to BBQ firewood to add flavor to meats placed over the fire.

BBQ grills are a popular fixture in most American homes, with seven in every ten owning one. With propane and charcoal grills flooding BBQ stores, some grilling enthusiasts still prefer using all-natural wood logs. The cord of firewood that you purchase can become a ready supply for your primary heat source and all the rich flavors you know and love.

You may be overwhelmed by choice at the store. You will find pre-packed wood chips, chunks, pellets, disks, or even a cord of firewood on sale. This is before deciding on the different varieties of wood to choose from. But how do you pick the right wood for your BBQ fire pit? Here are three tips for choosing BBQ firewood.

1. Know Your Woods

Many barbeque enthusiasts will go the extra length to try to match the flavor of the wood they use to the food they are cooking. You will be much better off learning how and when to use the wood in its different forms. Experts argue that learning to control combustion is far more important than the wood species or flavor. Some traditional woods used for smoking include hickory, oak, apple, acacia, and mesquite.

Smoking isn’t just to add flavor; it is also about creating an appealing hue to your meat. The cord of firewood you choose may have a great impact on both properties. You can decide to be creative, experimenting with different blends to achieve the perfect flavor profile.

2. Use Hardwoods Over Softwoods

Generally, wood that is hard and free of resins is excellent for barbequing. If you find a fruit or nut tree with flavors that you love, the wood may be perfect for your use. However, hardwoods produce richer colors and bolder flavors than softwoods. Additionally, hardwoods are denser and burn slowly. You get to maintain the smoke flavors for longer while not replenishing the wood very often. The climate the tree grew in may also make a difference in the smoke flavors produced.

3. Pick Seasoned Wood

Greenwood contains high moisture levels, making it burn ineffectively. It produces too much smoke that slows down the combustion process. You may need to choose a cord of firewood that has been given time to season. Ask for wood that has aged naturally outdoors or for no less than six months.

Beware of wood that has been cured or seasoned in a kiln. The high temperatures make the wood extra dry, burning quicker and losing flavor. You may also need to avoid wood exposed to paint, stains, or other chemicals. This includes wood scraps from the lumber yard. All these factors can affect how your food tastes.

Wood smoke is arguably the centerpiece in the world of barbecuing. Finding the right type of wood to buy is vital in bringing out all the favorite flavors that you love. Head out to Brooksies to purchase a cord of firewood for the perfect BBQ.