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What Do You Need To Prepare for the Upcoming BBQ Season?

Summer is the perfect time to start cooking outdoors! According to BBQ Revolt, the most popular barbeque holidays are Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, but you can serve BBQ any time. If you plan to stock up on BBQ supplies, remember these tips for the BBQ season.

Give Your Grill a Good Cleaning

The grates of a grill can get pretty dirty, so it's best to clean it out before you're ready to cook. Carefully wipe down the grates to remove any food debris. Once your grates are clean, coat them with oil. This extra step will prevent food from sticking to the grates the next time you cook.

Take a Look at the State of Your Patio Furniture

Whether planning a party or serving BBQ to your family, you should ensure that your outdoor furniture is in good shape. Furniture can get dirty quickly when sitting outdoors, so you should clean it well before your event. Check to see if any of your cushions need cleaning or replacement, and confirm that you have enough seating for all your guests.

Stock Up On the Essentials

A successful BBQ requires more than meat and buns! Create a checklist to confirm you have all the BBQ supplies you need. Pick up gloves that you can wear when handling raw meat. For safety's sake, you should use separate utensils for cooked and raw meat, so you may want to pick up extra essentials before you start cooking.

Take Care of Any Pests

Outdoor pests like mosquitoes can put a real damper on a barbeque. Thankfully, there are several steps that will help you keep mosquitoes at bay. Use a natural mosquito repellant to scare the bugs away. If you have a severe bug problem, consider investing in extra protection, like a mosquito net.

Make Your Yard Look Great

The food is the show's star at any BBQ, but enjoying a meal is hard if your environment is unappetizing. Take time to tidy your entire yard and clear away any debris. If you're hosting a party, put up lights or decorations to make your outdoor living space feel more special!

You can enjoy delicious food and beautiful weather when you barbeque. Grabbing BBQ supplies at the last second is stressful, so you should ensure you have everything you need before cooking. Contact Brooksies Propane if you need a new grill, firewood, or other essentials before BBQ season starts!

Posted 6/10/23