5 Amazing Benefits of Pellet Grills

Summer brings sunshine, warm weather, and the perfect opportunity to cook out on the grill. When the warm weather hits, everywhere you look, you see people cooking on their grills. According to Statista, about 1.47 billion dollars worth of grills were sold in the U.S. in 2016. There are many options when it comes to grills and grilling techniques, including a pellet grill. Here are a few of the benefits that come along with this type of grill.

Great Flavor

Pellet grills give your meat slow-cooked flavor without spending hours monitoring a charcoal smoker. BBQ pellets are used in pellet grills, and you can find them in a large variety of flavors. This technique does not require you to sit and watch it. You simply add the pellets and the fuel and set the temperature – the only thing left to do is await that delicious flavor.

Even Heating

Pellet grills provide better heating than all other grills because they can act as an oven or a smoke chamber. This allows heat to reach every inch of the grill. In addition, it is simple to use. All you do is prime the fire pot and start the grill with a touch button. The controller in the grill does the rest of the work.

Less Flare-Ups

Pellet grills provide full-coverage heat and have a baffle that separates the food from the firepot. This prevents flare-ups, something that rarely occurs using this method.

Consistent Temperature

Pellet grills constantly monitor their temperature and automatically add pellets as needed. This ensures the heat stays precisely where it needs to be. As a result, the temperature inside does not fluctuate, resulting in an even cook.

Wide Range

Pellets grills are ideal for smoking that is low and slow but are also fantastic at grilling at high heat. You can even find some pellet grills that can sear – they come pre-programmed with full smoking cycles.

If you love to grill but find it difficult, pellet grills are perfect for you. You can get the flavor you want without the hassle of using a grill. Pellet grills do all the work for you. You do not have to worry about setting the temperature too high or causing a flare-up. Try a pellet grill, and you will never go back to your old way of grilling. If you are interested in checking out our pellet grills or sauces and rubs, contact us today!