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A Guide to American BBQ Seasoning Styles

Humans have enjoyed grilled food for millennia, and the tradition is still popular today. Weekend barbeque parties are common in American homes, with seven in every ten adults owning a BBQ grill. A recent survey shows that 51% of respondents prefer to have a barbeque on their birthdays.

Most people may focus on the centerpiece meat and vegetables, forgetting other ways to bring out the zing in the grilled foods. BBQ seasoning can elevate the flavor profile of the meat chops placed on the grill, bringing out epic tastes and sensations. Learn how to fire up your grilled flavors with this beginner’s guide to BBQ seasoning.

BBQ Sauces

The hallmark of any grilled food worldwide is a bowl of BBQ hot sauce at the side. Barbeque sauce is the primary BBQ seasoning for most Americans. The sweet, spicy, or tangy sauce can elevate the flavors in your grilled meat and vegetables, creating exciting taste profiles as you enjoy your summer weekend.

There’s more to BBQ sauces than just ketchup. Different regions boast of unique styles and flavors that align with their grilling traditions. From ketchup-based to vinegar sauces, there is a massive range of flavors to choose from. BBQ stores such as Brooksies stock a variety of BBQ hot sauces that you can experiment on to find the perfect seasoning for your grilled meat. From experimental twists to home-made favorites, you can find a sauce to try out in your next grill out.

BBQ Marinades

Another fantastic way to bring out the flavors for your grilled or smoked foods is by marinating them. BBQ marinades infuse the desired flavors and taste deeply into your cuts of meat or vegetables. Besides the diverse, rich flavors, marinades may also help tenderize your meat.

BBQ marinades require extra preparation, but delightful flavors will greatly reward your patience with the right kick in it. You may need an acidic base such as vinegar or yogurt to allow the flavors to sink deep into the meat.

Build on your grilling skills by finding out the best marinade recipes with assorted complementary flavors. Remember to turn your meat or vegetables a few times while marinating. Over marinating your food may create a mushy mess. BBQ supply stores can help you stock up on the raw ingredients and spices to prepare your BBQ marinade.

BBQ Rubs

You cannot end the discussion on BBQ seasoning with a mention of the BBQ rubs. The rubs are simply a mix of herbs and spices that you apply over your meat or vegetables before placing them on the BBQ grill. You can opt for a dry or wet BBQ rub.

The first step is to dry out the surface of your meat or vegetables. You then sprinkle the BBQ rub and spices over the meat or vegetables and gently press them in. As your meat cooks over the grill, the rubs deliver a mouth-watering flavor that sinks deep into the food. You can also enjoy a crunchy as the spices crystalize on the surface. Bring out your amazing BBQ skills by sourcing pre-made rubs from your local BBQ supply store.

There are endless possibilities and flavor combinations that you can enjoy during your cookout. Sauces, marinades, and BBQ rubs are excellent ways to enhance flavor to your tasty, grilled meals. Brooksies Propane stocks up a wide variety of John Henry’s sauces, rubs, and marinades to spice up your barbeque.