The Right Way to Store Your Firewood

After using a log splitter to split firewood, you need to know the right way to store the wood. There's a great method for storing it.

After using a log splitter to split firewood, you need to know the right way to store the wood. There are many ways to store wood, so which way is the best? There's a great method for storing it that's not a decorative bundle nestled beside your fireplace. It's not beside your back door either.

Organize Firewood in Stacks

Many U.S. households use different heating elements to keep their families warm. According to the U.S. Census, 38.7% use electricity, 48.1% use gas, and 1.9% use firewood. Investing in a wood splitter is smart and will help decrease energy use and costs. Now all you need to know is how to organize firewood in stacks to keep it protected, dry, and ready to use.

Find the Perfect Place for Firewood

Find a breezy yet dry area on your property. It's ideal to keep split wood about 20 feet from the closest door of your house. This allows easy access and keeps pests from creating a direct route into your home. Also, don't stack wood flush against a structure since it needs airflow.

Know How Long to Store Firewood

Freshly cut wood is green wood, which is not ready to burn. Firewood needs time to age, otherwise known as curing or seasoning. If you do not let wood age, you will face problems such as short burn times, minimal heat output, and even carbon monoxide buildup. A good rule to follow is to give wood six months to cure.

Properly Stack Wood for the Best Results

Stack wood in rows four feet high or less using either a log pallet or racks and posts. Unseasoned wood should be stacked bark-side facing down, which allows moisture to evaporate. Once the wood has been aged, stack it bark-side up to shield it from the snow and rain. Just do not toss logs in an unorganized pile. Doing so could cause it to rot instead of drying and aging properly.

Be Sure to Protect Wood from the Weather

You need to protect firewood from the rain and snow using a firewood cover. Leave the back and front fully open to age wood and allow it to breathe. Full-sized covers are perfect for protecting finely aged wood until you are ready to burn it.

Storing firewood properly allows you to fully enjoy owning and using a top-notch wood splitter. Contact power equipment experts to find the ideal wood splitter for you. It's the best way to keep your home warm and cozy.