Mac Daddy Pork Loin

Question: What is better than pork?

Answer: Pork on Pork!!!

I love a good pork loin but so many times it tends to dry out and I end up smothering it with gravy. I have found a great solution to a dried out loin and created the “Mac Daddy Pork Loin.” We will be injecting the loin, rubbing the loin, and wrapping the loin.


  • Cajun Injector Jalapeno Butter
  • Pappys (red cap)
  • 1 lb Thinly Sliced Bacon
  • 3.5 lb Pork Loin

Set your pork loin in a pan and get your injector ready. I like to use the Cajun Injector Jalapeno Butter; it has a rich succulent flavor with a hint of the pepper, no heat. I always inject about an inch apart working around all sides of the meat. Now the injection is done time to rub your loin with Pappys (red cap). I use a generous amount coating the meat until you get a deep red color about a quarter cup. Let the meat rest and prepare your bacon blanket. Lay each slice long ways on a cutting board slightly overlapping each piece to create a seamless bacon sheet. Place the loin on the bacon perpendicular. Fold each side of bacon over the loin starting with the last piece of bacon creating a nice wrap. Using skewers secure the bacon to the loin this will help keep everything together and allow the bacon to create a crust around the loin.

Fire up the grill. Using indirect heat, light both outside burners and shoot for a temperature around 325 to 350. You can cook directly on the middle grate but it will cause a lot of grease dropping and possibly big flare ups. The Weber Loin Rack will hold the meat up and using a throw away steamer pan I saved on the mess and bad flare ups. Like always probe your meat and we are shooting for 155 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. About 3 hours. Let it rest for about 10 mins to keep the juices inside.

Experiment with the A-Maze-N to add a smokey flavor to your bacon wrapped pork loin. We used hickory which added a great flavor. Like always keep the probe in, lid down, and cook out.