6 Essential BBQ Supplies Every Grill Owner Needs

If you're planning on grilling anytime soon at home, you need more than just the grill itself. Let's take a look at 6 of the most essential BBQ supplies every pellet grill owner needs to keep on hand.

Pellet grill market share increased by 9.1 percent in 2016, versus sales figures for BBQ supplies in prior years, and that upward trend continues. Pellet grills have numerous electronic parts that cloudbursts affect. Additionally, although it seems like a no-brainer, you cannot use home heating pellets to grill food. The following six items constitute necessities:

Cooking Quality Aromatic Pellets

Grilling pellets combine compressed sawdust from aromatic apple, pecan, hickory, or mesquite with flavorless hardwoods such as oak or alder that prevent food from acquiring unpleasant tastes. In contrast, heating pellets include binders unsafe for human consumption.

High-Temperature Grilling Gloves and Leather Grilling Apron

Another, less obvious choice of BBQ supplies for grilling enthusiasts: high-temperature grilling gloves and a leather apron. High-temperature grilling gloves protect your hands from unnecessary burns, making it easier to turn or baste foods and take things on and off the grill. Your leather apron deflects heat away from your body.

Grill Accessory Set: Long Adjustable Tongs/Spatula/Bear Claw Shredders

If you have grilling gloves, the length of your tongs does not matter as much. If not, however, then buy tongs at least 16 to 24 inches long. Likewise, your spatula should have sufficient width to pick up hamburgers and fish filets without breaking them. Bear claw shredders allow you to pull roasted meat apart faster.

Grill Basket Sets

Grill basket sets typically include a roasting pan, cutting board, steamer tray, roast/rib rack, veggie baskets, a pepper roaster, and four to eight metal skewers. Higher-end kits also feature woks, Dutch ovens, and skillets. Veggie baskets prevent small items from falling between the bars of your grill. Roast/rib racks expose more surface area, cooking meat faster. Metal skewers require no soaking before use.

Steam-Assisted Grill Brush

A steam-assisted grill brush makes your experience easier. These brushes have a water reservoir in the handle. Fill it and start brushing, As the bristles run over the grill surface, the water turns to steam, softening gunk or skins and making everything easier to remove.

Grill Cover

Finally, a grill cover protects electronic parts from damage and prevents sudden thunderstorms from ruining your tailgate party. Hit the shutdown control first, so your grill stops the auger from feeding pellets into the firebox. By the time the auger stops, the rain will usually have cooled the grill sufficiently to toss the cover over it. Once the storm passes, remove the cover and continue grilling.