Flame Boss

Flame Boss 100 and 200 Wifi

Let’s just read what is on the back of the package. “Flame Boss 200 controls the smoker temperature, but you are in charge from your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can control your smoker and monitor the internal meat temperature from anywhere.”

“We say about Flame Boss 100 to plug it in, set it and forget it. You will not want to forget it with Flame Boss 200. Your friends and coworkers will be green with envy when you show them that your brisket will be ready and waiting when you get home from work.”

There are four different models total. Each Flame Boss 100 and 200 have a Weber style or Kamado style. Flame Boss 100 does not have Wifi ability so all temperature changes must be made from the device. Flame Boss 200 has Wifi ability allowing you to change monitor or share your cook virtually anywhere.

Flame Boss Includes:

• Two probes one for the meat and the other is an alligator clip for the pit temperature. This should be clipped on the grate at least 2 inches from the meat.

• One fan, the shape is different so make sure you get the flame boss that matches your grill/smoker.

• Fan’s face plate which is attached on the bottom vent of the WSM or Kamado style grill.

• One controller

The Setup:

OK so I want to say the hardest thing of setting up the Flame Boss was finding my Wifi password. (I know now it’s on my router) When you power up the Flame Boss it will prompt you different settings. Simply use the arrows to scroll to Wifi and hit menu. Then all you have to do is scroll and connect to your internet. Once connected go to and plug in your pin which will display on the device once trying to connect to the Wifi connection. I wrote it down the pin because it’s always same.

You are able to control everything from the device itself, but the interface of the Flame Boss website to control the pit temperature and other settings is flawlessly user friendly. Simply click the setting you want to change and complete the action remotely from phone, tablet, or computer.

Once online you will be able to monitor the pit temperature, meat temperature, and target temperatures through a line graph. This data was helpful in determining doneness and allowed myself time and peace of mind to finish prepping the meal.

The other feature that I really liked and got my friends exciting is that I can give out my pin so they can monitor the cook and see how it is going. Side note you set a password so they can’t change anything by accident just monitor.

Setting the Probes

When inserting your meat probe makes sure you are in the thickest part and in the center of the cut away from any bones. Your pit probe should be at least two inches from you meat to insure an accurate reading.

The Flame Boss will produce over and over giving you the best results and time to enjoy the party. The technology side of it makes it interesting and just simply monitoring the temperatures from your mobile device is satisfying. I have truly enjoyed every time I cooked with it and the results speak for themselves.