Why Propane Always Wins

Whether you're a novice or a master, there's nothing quite like grilling your own food on a nice day. There are certainly lots of people that also agree with you nowadays, as evidence by the wide variety of barbecue supplies that are on the market at any given time.

But when you're grilling, what is the best option? Is it charcoal, firewood, or pellet grills? While all of these have their unique time and place, we'd like to submit that propane wins above everything else. Not only are propane refills a cinch to get, but there are a whole host of other benefits that make propane a clear winner when it comes to fuel to get hot food in your belly!

Taste the Meat, Not the Heat

As a famous cartoon advocate of propane once said: "Taste the meat, not the heat!" It's not just a clever phrase, it's literally true. Because propane is a clean-burning fuel that doesn't impart a flavor to your foods, you never have to worry about "ruining" a good piece of meat by cooking it with propane. Charcoal, firewood, and even pellet grills will all give off some form of flavor due to the combustion of organic materials. While some barbecue aficionados find this desirable, it can become a thorn in your side when you've spent a lot of money on a choice cut of meat. Instead of tasting the heat, marinate your meat with amazing flavors and additives that will enhance the way it tastes instead of covering it up.

The Greenest Fuel

Propane is a clean-burning fuel that has low emissions compared to natural gas and is a "green fuel" perfect for any occasion. Efficient and widely versatile, never feel bad about using propane.

Refills Are Not a Problem

When you run out of firewood or charcoal, can you find it everywhere? Depending on the part of the country that you're in, that may not always be true. Anyone who has tried to find charcoal in New York City or other urban areas may quickly find out that it's either in short supply or not allowed by law for burning. Propane is found almost anywhere, and because it's self-contained and doesn't cause pollution like other methods, you'll always be able to get propane refills when you need them most. As long as you have a propane tank, refills are always discounted versus buying a new tank as well, just another one of the many benefits of propane. Instead of being unable to grill, get your refill and start cooking right now!

Totally Portable, Totally Awesome

According to 2017 survey results, over 49 percent of U.S. consumers barbecue at birthday parties, and 24 percent grill during camping trips. When you're doing this much grilling and eating, you almost require something that is as uniquely portable and ubiquitous as propane. Not only can you get propane refills at almost any grocery store or drugstore where you travel, but propane is unique amongst bbq supplies in that it doesn't cause a mess or hassle when transported. Unlike charcoal chips, firewood, or pellets, you don't have to worry about propane causing a mess in your car or suddenly causing a fire if placed near the wrong object. Propane is totally portable, totally awesome, and always ready for a party.

Take Your Party With You, Refills Included!

When you think about the many benefits of propane, it's hard to find stuff to dislike. Not only is propane one of the most portable fuel sources around, but when you finally run out propane refills are a cinch to find and swap out. Unlike other barbecue supplies that can cause a mess or potential fire if treated improperly, propane is self-contained and will last almost indefinitely if you treat it right. While you won't be able to "smoke" meat or get the charcoal flavor you might desire from clean-burning propane, you can always season your meats or put a variety of marinades on them instead. After all, if you're buying high-quality meat don't you want to taste it instead of your barbecue supplies? When you're ready to start on your path to propane greatness, consider giving Brooksies Propane a call at (480) 782-6848 so you can get grilling today!