Texas Style Burgers

One of the greatest things about making burgers is there’s typically a party, celebration, or just a beautiful day. I love the burger because of the different combinations of condiments to put on top from just traditional lettuce, tomato, onion, to the more extreme king crab, quail egg, and/or truffle oil. We will be focusing on how to create the best tasting, juiciest, perfect charred burger because the toppings are up to you.


1 LB of 80/20 Hamburger

Chose a Sauce

Freddie Gs BBQ Sauce

Sweet Peppers BBQ Sauce


Kosmo’s Q Sweet Apple Chipotle

Chose a Seasoning

John Henery’s Texas Brisket Rub

John Henry’s Old Stockyard

Kosmo’s Q Cow Cover

Pappy’s (red cap)


1. In a mixing bowl place your 1lb hamburger, 4ozs (1/2 cup) of the sauce you chose, and 1oz (2tbsp) of your choice seasoning. Combine using your best spoon…HANDS

2. Press your hamburgers out to your desired size. Hamburger press is preferred but not necessary. I like to make them just slightly bigger than the bun so when they shrink they are perfect. Make sure to press your thumb through the middle to keep them flat instead of turning into a wad of meat.

3. Preheat your grill to around 300F. I like to use the Weber Grill Spray because it doesn’t flare up and keeps my food from sticking. Cook your burgers to 155 about 8 minutes total flipping them half way. This gives just the slightest pink in the middle and the juices run completely clear.

4. Now I leave it up to you to assemble your favorite condiments to create your ultimate hamburger. Enjoy.

You can make the recipe the night before, just place your patties on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper creating layers cover with kitchen wrap and place in your fridge. Just double the recipe for more burger goodness.