Why Firewood is the Real Deal in Barbecue Preparation

America is practically a grilling nation where grilled meat is among the essential delicacies. Apart from the fast-cooking trait of grills, there is an added flavor, especially when firewood is part of the mix. A recent consumer survey has shown that 51% of the respondents believe that birthday parties and barbecues are inseparable.

The demand for this delicacy has seen an upsurge in BBQ stores. Interestingly, the secret behind that sweet aroma of the barbecue is the smoke that originates from firewood. Additionally, the use of wood guarantees quality and safe grilling. Below are the main benefits of using wood for barbecue grilling.

Pleasant Aroma

Whenever issues of aroma are at stake, no other energy source comes close to a wood-burning fire. Mesquite wood produces a fragrant aroma when used for grilling. Such a sweet fragrance will automatically tune everyone into a partying mood.

While the essence of the grilling exercise is to create an enjoyable snack for everyone, it is also a good bonding time. BBQ grills are not limited to parties alone. You can as well have one for the family and tag a cord of firewood with you. This wood will see you through for weeks, if not months depending on your grilling rate.

Firewood Is All Natural

Although there is the environmental safety concern that comes with the use of firewood, there is a consolation in that it is all-natural. The small smoking chunks and pieces of wood are derived from hardwood trees.

The cutting down of these trees follows the set environmental guidelines where replacements are first planted. The cut trees are later processed to yield logs and chucks that are left to dry. The dry woods and chucks are all you need to get the party started.

Wood Has Multiple Uses

Firewood supplies are not limited to BBQ seasoning only. These same supplies can be used for other cooking activities in your home. One of the major ones is the smoking of meat. Firewood is a useful energy source when slow-cooking your meat. Just like in the case of BBQ seasoning, there will be an added flavor, but it won’t be as unique.

Easy and Safe to Use

Propane and charcoal are the main alternatives used in the place of firewood. Interestingly, none comes close to firewood in matters of safety and easy handling. Accidents that occur while using propane have no room in wood-grilling.

Additionally, firewood lights without much hassle, unlike charcoal, which takes time before it is ready. At the same time, there are no dangerous emissions associated with wood making it the safest option among BBQ grills.

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Produces a Lot of Heat

Night parties are always fun until the cold breeze of the night sets in. The situation can even be worse if you are out there on an empty stomach. Propane grills are excellent and luxurious, but in such instances, they will be useless.

Firewood grills are resistant to any kind of breeze due to the massive amounts of heat produced. Place the grill in an open field and have the revelers surround it. The generated heat will keep you warm throughout the night. Additionally, your barbecue will be ready after a short while.

Better Taste and Flavor

The number one benefit of wood-grilling is the added flavor. The raw smoke that emanates from the combustion activities of firewood passes through your meat and veggies to create a unique taste.

This flavor can as well be explained in scientific terms in that wood is rich in beneficial organic compounds. These compounds rise in the form of dark flavor-filled smoke that sinks deep into your barbecues. Different wood supplies have different flavors, so you will need to be specific depending on your preferences.

Final Word

Although wood is the most convenient style for BBQs, do not be afraid to try out other options. Propane is also a great alternative. For more information about BBQ grills and firewood supplies, contact us today.