Brooksies Has Got You Covered for All Your BBQ Needs

According to 2017 survey results, over 49 percent of U.S. consumers barbecue at birthday parties and 24 percent grill during camping trips. You might also be among the many others who love to enjoy barbecue and grilling over the weekend as you hang out with friends and family in your backyard. Whether you are preparing meats such as pork chops, steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, or vegetables and fruits, having a reliable bbq store like Brooksies is crucial for your success. Brooksies in Phoenix, Arizona, is a bbq supply store that does propane cylinder refills and provides other bbq supplies like bbq grills, firewood, sauces and rubs, and grilling accessories.

Is Your Propane Cylinder in Good Shape for Use?

According to Brooksies, gas cylinders provide the best service within the first 10 years after manufacture. It's crucial that you check if the cylinder you have is within its 10-year timeline. If it's outdated, you should consider replacing it as old cylinders can be dangerous to use. The top-notch bbq store encourages that you offer your archaic cylinder for recycling as there is no additional cost.

When Is It Time to Refill Your Gas Cylinder?

Most people find it challenging to know the right time to refill their gas cylinders. As a result, they have to undergo the harrowing experience of having their gas run out while barbecuing. According to this iconic bbq supply store, the best way to avoid such embarrassments is always to refill the cylinder before the gas runs out.

An empty cylinder will weigh roughly 18 lbs while the propane will weigh about 4 lbs per gallon. When the weight of your cylinder starts approaching 20 lbs, it's time to refill. You can also eschew the hassle of having to refill regularly by getting a larger cylinder. Brooksies has cylinder sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 23 gallons.

How to Safely Store Your Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinders can quickly turn into fire hazards if not properly stored. Brooksies advises that it's best to store your cylinders outside the house, in an open and shady area. This will prevent any gas leaks from building up and turning to fire hazards, thanks to free circulating air.

Upholding safe usage of propane cylinders also extends to the grilling accessories you use. Having substandard grilling accessories means that you will be putting yourself and those around in danger every time you use the gas. Brooksies has built a reputation for supplying top-quality grilling accessories like low- and high-pressure regulators, key valves, and hoses.

Firewood As an Alternative to Gas

This top-notch bbq store also offers firewood to its customers as an alternative to gas. The firewood bundles include chips, chunks, and pellets to meet customers' varying needs, such as heating, firepit, and smoking. You can get Pizza bundles of hardwoods like Oak, Pecan, Peach, Apple, and Mesquite between 12- and 16-inches long. You might want to try Mesquite for your next bbq for its perfect flavor.

Brooksies Propane also stocks on John Henry's sauces and rubs, A-MAZE-N products, plus a wide variety of hot sauces and wing sauces ranging up to 10+++ in hotness. Get to fulfill all your bbq supplies needs at this trusted bbq supply store.