5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Grilling

Before you can start showing off your cooking skills, here are some mistakes to avoid.

5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid When Grilling

Grilling has been a popular pastime in America. A total of 1.47 billion dollars-worth of BBQ grills were sold in the United States in 2016. One reason behind their popularity is that barbecues turn cooking into a social event.

There are many things you can barbecue, from vegetables to meats. You can also sample a variety of grills from your local BBQ store from gas, to electric, to charcoal. Before you can start showing off your cooking skills, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Ignoring Initial Preparation

Organize everything you need before you start grilling. You don’t want to keep rushing for the marinade, steaks, or BBQ seasonings. Even though barbecuing is a fairly simple method of cooking, it is not a good idea to keep abandoning the grill.

Do not forget to check that you have enough fuel before you start your cooking sessions. You don’t want to abandon everything midway to rush for supplies from your local BBQ store. Ensure you have enough charcoal on the grill. Consider getting your propane refills if your gas tank level is below one-third full.

Failing to Clean the Grate

Cleaning the grate is important for two reasons; the first is to remove the bits from previous barbecues. There is nothing as unpalatable as using a grill that will leave grime on the food. Secondly, those bits can contaminate the steak you are planning to prepare for the barbecue. One in six Americans gets food poisoning every year. You don’t want that to happen to friends and loved ones at your grill out.

You can warm up the grate to make it easier to scrape off the food. Use the side of a metal spatula to remove the big chunks of grime. You may then use a steel wool scrubber pad to clean the remaining bits. Before you start cooking, it can be helpful to lubricate with some oil. Wipe it around with a piece of cloth to prevent bits of food from sticking to the metal. It will make cleaning later much easier.

Failing to Preheat

If you get a gas grill, you may be tempted to ignore preheating. But regardless of the equipment you get from your local BBQ store, you will need to preheat. Grilling requires high-heat to bring out that unique flavor and the crispy texture. It also leaves those fine lines that you often see on delicious steak.

If you are using gas BBQ grills, you should let the temperature rise to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. For indirect grilling, you should let it rise to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For charcoal, let it heat-up until you can’t place your hand three or four inches above it for a few seconds.

Applying Guesswork

Barbecuing is fun and is a great way to experiment with different styles of cooking. But if you want to make delicious foods full of flavor, you need to master controlling the heat. You typically start with high heat then lower the temperature over time.

You can organize your grill so that one side is for high temperatures then milder heat for the opposite side. Avoid placing too many things at once on the grate. It can cause cross-contamination, which will ruin the flavor. You can minimize the risk of overcooking some foods by focusing on fewer items at a time.

Not Giving Your Food a Rest

Give your meats time to rest after some time on the grill. You don’t have to keep turning the food. Also, avoid poking meats unless you are trying to drain the fluid. If you control the heat carefully, it should be well-cooked after some time. Give the steak time to rest before cutting, so that the juices and flavors can settle evenly.

In Conclusion

Take time to prepare before you can start your cooking session. Cleaning is critical to avoid food poisoning and to keep you and your loved ones safe. Ensure you have enough fuel and supplies from your BBQ store. Pay close attention, to heat, and above all, have fun and enjoy yourself. For superior grilling and barbeque equipment, visit Brooksies Patio Propane today.