Get Fired Up about Wood Smoke Flavor at Brooksies!

The A-Maze-N smoker tube or tray that can be used in many applications with food. Simple placing you’re A-Maze-N on the grill can give your food a unique smoking flavor which can’t be achieved through artificial liquid smokes. I have even experimented with cold smoking since the heat source is only the embers burning.

Let’s first talk about the two styles there is a tube and a tray both has there pros in different scenarios. The tube is small and compact leaving your grill open to fill it with foods. I am able to get close to 5 hours of smoke time. The tray is about 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches getting close to 12 hours of smoke time. You can also light both ends to double the smoke in a shorter period.

There are two types of smoking “hot” and “cold.” Hot smoking also referred to as “low and slow,” is cooking at an internal temperature usually between 175 degrees F and 300 degrees F. The low temperature helps to reduce shrinkage and will also tenderize the meat. Cold smoking is smoking at temperatures at 100 degrees F or lower. You are just introducing smoke to whatever you want from: salts, peppercorns, spices, vegetables, cheeses, jerky, bacon, salmon, and even fruit.

Things to consider when hot smoking: airflow is what keeps the A-Maze-N smoking so slightly crack your hood to allow oxygen in. Place the A-Maze-N over a burner that is off to maximize the smoke.

When cold smoking make sure food that needs to stay cool does by placing a baking pan on ice or getting the meat as cold as possible and just let it come to room temperature before removing. Shade is your best friend. Also jerky and bacon require a cure. Poultry and salmon require a brine when cold smoking.

I love to smoke different salts to give as gifts in mason jars. I like to use a mild smoke typically apple. I will start up my A-Maze-N and place it on my grill/smoke cabinet. I will then spread the coarse salt of on a baking pan and place next to the A-Maze-N. Every 30 minutes I will shake the pan to stir up the salts usually smoking for a total of 3-4 hours or until you achieve an amber color.

In conclusion the possibilities can be endless with the A-Maze-N smokers. The versatile of the device can transfer what would have been just steaks on a grill with a flavor you can only find at a high end steakhouses. Impress your friends and neighbors and remember hot smoke needs a crack and cold needs to keep the food temp low.